Friday, November 27, 2015

Black Friday Sale? HA!

While I'm busy here, sewing my little fingers to the bone on my newest blog post (YES! I ACTUALLY HAVE ONE IN MIND!) and trying to be good on Black Friday by not shopping at all (not going as well as I'd like), I've decided to have a little sale in ye olde Etsy shop.

Cirque du Frock on Etsy
For the upcoming year I have new blog posts planned, some exciting personal news and ideas on how to rework my little corner of the Internet. To get ready for new projects and a new year, I decided to have a little clean out sale until December 16th (which I figure is probably the last day you'll get packages before Christmas if mailed that week?). I hope to make 2016 the year of the FROCK and have a spectacular come back after what might be the absolute worst year of my life thus far.

No coupon codes are necessary, the prices have already been marked down.

Tuesday, November 24, 2015

OOTD: A Return (ish)

Look at me go! Another blog post and it's NOT six months later.

All is basically the same in Nowhere Land. I'm slowly getting my creative buzz back, although it's hard. I'm still looking for a weekend job to supplement my week day part time office job. But, after six long months, I randomly cooked up a new tutorial and I'm very happy with how it turned out.

Strangely enough, this was my inspiration.

Snapped Garters
I saw this beautiful image over on Snapped Garters and I mulled it over. There was something I loved about this strong stripe and bold color combination. I looked at both of the outfits in the picture and realized I'd wear both of them! Even now!

I didn't reference the pic while I was making my new tutorial, which is bad because I remembered the stripes a little different (I thought it was more patchy), but I'm so in love with the new tutorial I don't even care!


Look at that beauty!

I LIVE for this look. (To quote my many hours of watching RuPaul's Drag Race on repeat.) It's very comfy, very soft and has a nice v-neck style. This dress is so cute with leggings and winter boots- even though it's not exact, I love that it's still as 80's as the inspiration pic.

Details: Cirque du Frock Dress & Necklace, Thrifted Cardi, Frye Boots/Ebay

Look! It's the elusive Meghan Edge in her new natural habitat. I was so excited about this dress I just had to take an outfit pic to share. It's been a hard few months but I can still smile for the camera when I need to.

I also did my own hair, but I'll make a post about that later. Even though I cut a few inches off of it and it turned out so amazingly well, I'd still like to take it shorter, like a pixie! But I'm trying to make it closer to spring for that cut.

Speaking of hair, I've made a few crochet headbands and I listed them in the shop. I really don't like to crochet much but I'm trying to use up a large stash of yarn I brought from Philadelphia. Wouldn't this blue one match my outfit?

$18 on Etsy
I'm excited for the upcoming holiday. This is the first year in a decade that I've been with my family during the holiday season. It's difficult because I'm not emotionally in a holiday mood and I'd like to be. Yuletime is one of my favorite times of the year except for my birthday and Halloween, and I'm hurting so it's hard to be merry. On the other hand, I'm looking forward to baking cookies with my mother and watching Christmas specials with the family.

As much as there are things I wish I had, people I wish were near me that will not be, I have to say I have a lot to be grateful for this Turkey Day. I'm especially grateful to be wearing that lime green skull dress to my grandmother's house.

Monday, November 9, 2015

OBJECTS: A Modern Selkie Love Story

Hi guys!

I'm trying to make yet another come back to the blogging world. I'm toying the the idea of maybe doing a weekly update- the problem is I've gone from big city living to small town with little social life, so I'm finding it hard to come up with real world things to write about. It's a big adjustment but I'm trying to muddle through.

In the mean time, I have done something that I'm very proud of and want to share with all of you.

A few years ago I mentioned to some of my friends that I wanted to self-publish. I like the control, the DIY aspect of it and the design process of formatting a book and making covers. It's very 'me'. However, I was discouraged by friends that claim success as published authors. They said there was no money to be made, that I couldn't put it on a resume, ect., ect. Actually, those same people also tried to discourage me from writing fanfiction with my close friend however when they were offered a chance at writing a Sherlock story for a book they tried to get me to give them all my tips and Holmesian knowledge. Ha!

Anyway, I still want to be a self-published author because I just enjoy the process that way, but coding a large novel is a big undertaking. There are ways that things need to be done so that you can get your book on Nook or in the Smashwords premium catalog. So in preparation for my larger novel, I decided to release a short collection of what I call micro-love stories about a family of selkies. It's now available on Nook and Smashwords, which I view as a major accomplishment.


OBJECTS takes the traditional selkie mythology and gives it a more modern twist. Instead of the seal-people who take off their skin, these water fae are bound by mysterious objects, and until they meet their destined partner they cannot know true love.

There are five short love stories in this little collection all involving the five siblings of a single family.

There is Waverly, the first sibling who encounters a possible mate. They couldn't be more different or more attracted to each other, but Samantha has a secret of her own that might rip the two apart. I have to say that Waverly is my favorite sibling because she also appears in my novel I've been writing and I have a soft spot for her.

There is Gabriella, who has to learn that there are consequences for your actions, even if you meant well. Her story has one of my favorite quotes, which is the one featured above and something I think is a little bit true sometimes.

There is Amelia, who is the oldest and looks out for her youngest siblings. She does not have an object to bind her or someone to fall in love with- at least, that's what she believes.

Then there is Marcus. He's the only boy. I will admit that this story was inspired by my friendship with Megan Mae. We've been close friends for about three years now and at first a lot of people told us that we couldn't possibly be friends because we only knew each other online and not in real life. Marcus meets a woman he connects with in a chat room but will he cave to the nay-sayers in real life?

Finally there is Eileen. I love Eileen's story because it was my first try at handling a transgendered character and I hope I did okay. Eileen falls in love with a transgendered woman who is under a curse herself. Unlike Waverly and Samantha, Eileen and Brooklyn need to find out if they can live with each other's curses rather than trying to break them.

To check out my Pinterest board inspired by OBJECTS, click here. For hints about upcoming books and stories, check out Frankie, Jess and Mercy.

I'm so excited to finally be able to share progress on my writing with this blog. I hope that in the future I can continue to update regularly and be more honest in my recovery from the big move. It's been very hard for me but I'm getting better every day.

Thank you guys for your continued support. You mean the world to me.

Monday, September 7, 2015

First Showing!


Adjusting to new situations is hard, especially in unstable environments. When you go from control over your surroundings to a lack of control it can be kind of traumatizing. Things get sacrificed- for instance, outfit pictures. :-( Right now with all the boxes in my room and no tripod for my camera I've had a hard time documenting my outfits like I used to. Which sucks because I want to come back to blogging! Especially now that I have more focus on my creative projects!

Megan and I are calling it 'The Craft Bunker'

On the plus side, I've had some adventures that I can write about. The first was our day at Koony's Vintage Picks. Now, Koony's has been around for a while but it used to be a craft store. I remember spending time waiting for my mom to finish looking (it wasn't a hardship, though- as a child I was obsessed with Boyd's Bears and Koony's used to have a whole wall of them!). Nowadays, Koony's is a vintage painted furniture and decor shop that I've fallen in love with. I brought a lot of furniture from Philadelphia with me so I haven't needed to buy too much (except a bed!), but I love to go in there and look and dream about decorating my future home.

They also have a flea market once a month. We can't do the usual flea market because they don't really let crafters come, just furniture people, but for the Littlestown Good Old Days fest we were able to play with the other kids in the sandbox. ;-)

I made those dream catchers! Can't wait to put some on No Regrets Resale

My mom and I split the booth because she wanted to sell her handmade primitive crafts (Follow her on Facebook!) and I needed to clear out some of the things I'd brought from Philly. I also made some flyers for both our stores - she's Bear Creek Primitives and I'm No Regrets Resale/Cirque du Frock.

We were planning to have a shop open but some health issues have cropped up and we haven't gotten to it yet. It was still a beautiful day at Koony's. We met a lot of awesome people and spent some time out in the sunshine!

Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Shop Update and Where I've Been For The Last Few Weeks

I'm trying to make a blogging comeback so hard it's not even funny. I've got a ton of blogs written up about things I want to say, but it's been hard getting that initial post out. Part of me wants to talk about why I left Philly, how I'm feeling now, how I'm adjusting to life in a tiny, tiny town again, but it's just too much to get into even with my blog friends.

I will do a tiny write-up on my 'last week' in Philly and all the cool things that happened to me, but for now, the best I've got is this lil' shop update post.

In Philly I had an entire second bedroom in my apartment that was an office and it was packed with supplies like fabric, tee shirts and paint. So I'm slowly working my way through piles of UFOs (unfinished objects) and stash fabric so I can continue to update my etsy store. Moving is expensive, y'all! I had to buy a bed, I still don't have any storage furniture like dressers or shelves, I had to rent a truck and it's been crazy! Luckily I had a big stash so I haven't needed too much else to get along.

It's a process. In order to keep from thinking too hard about how overwhelming the process is, I've been crafty.

Cirque du Frock on Etsy
I started making a new style of tunic. I don't have a pattern up for this one (yet!) but I do have a few available for sale. I've been going crazy with this pattern. I love it! It's easy to layer, works as either a dress or a shirt, and I feel like a princess (well, more like a mermaid) when I wear it.

Cirque du Frock on Etsy

I had a few people ask for my Thrift Shop Treasure Hunter tee so I made a couple and put them in the shop, too. I also have this cute deer silhouette design available. I'm sure I'll put more on eventually but right now I'm just working with what I've got.

This sweatshirt is so soft, if it were my size I think I'd just keep it.
Part of me really wants to learn to love jeans and a T-shirt again as a style staple. I've gotten away from wearing jeans because I can never seem to find ones that I like, but maybe I'll give it a shot this fall.

I've made a couple of new Flying Trapeze dresses, too. This is probably my favorite thing I've ever made. Using the same tutorial, they all turn out so different! The purple one is my favorite, but that Rolling Stones one has some serious edge to it.

One of the other things I'm working on is No Regrets Resale. Sometimes I'll find fantastic things while thrifting that don't fall into categories where I can sell them on Etsy. Like wonderful non-vintage things, or maybe I just want to do a closet clean out. So I'm starting a new website where I can sell whatever I want without restriction. I've got some stuff listed as 'coming soon' but I should have it all active and available by tonight or tomorrow.

Nursing a broken heart is hard, but like all great artists, I'm turning to my craft to get me through. And music. LOTS and LOTS of music. I hope you've enjoyed reading about my new stuff as much as I've enjoyed making it. And shout out to my parent's basement for having really nice neon lighting for pictures!

Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Tiny Update & New Tutorial

I'm still getting settled in at my new location. I can't really talk about it much, but I suffered a devastating loss that has put me in a position where I had to move from the City that I Love to my parent's home in Maryland. I can't wait to get my sewing things unpacked and get back to work, and I really can't wait to return to blogging! 

Luckily, before the move happened, I'd planned out three tutorials and all I had to do was write them up. I didn't get to do it while I was still in Philly, but I've got a bit more time now so I'm slowly getting them written up. I'm really proud of this first one- it's called The Ballyhoo Dress.

Cirque du Frock on Etsy

I love wolves and I write about them a lot in my fantasy novels. (And really, what fantasy author doesn't?) The blue and grey are relaxing colors and I love the powerful wolf graphic. I was really happy with how the tutorial came out, too. 

Cirque du Frock on Etsy

Since I had a new tutorial, I wanted to make a new Three Ring Circus, but there were too many options! So instead I decided to do a five pack of all the tutorials I've made so far. I'm calling it the Wardrobe Remix pack. It's so versatile in that you not only get five tutorials, but there are bunches of hidden techniques you'll learn inside the tutorials- how I gather ruffles, how to applique, ideas for spray painting fabric. I love to make these dresses because I have so many clothes that were gifts or souvenirs that I'd hate to get rid of but aren't really my style anymore, so I've found creative ways of saving them. And not just tee shirts- jackets, dresses, button-ups- with a little creativity, these tutorials can be used for many things. 

I've also been working hard on a secret (not so secret) project that I'm getting ready to launch. I can't wait to share it with you! 

In other news, to all the friends who know what's going on and offered support and virtual (or real) hugs, I just want to say, I'm so grateful to you. Thank you so much for all your help these last few weeks. 

Saturday, July 18, 2015

Moving Sale!

Hello Everyone!

Well, while I cannot predict when I return to blogging, I can promise you it's definitely going to happen. In the mean time, I'm moving back to a very inspiring and scenic section of Maryland and I'm having a moving sale for the next few days in my shop! It's 30% off and it helps fund this drastic change in my life and gives me less to move. Check it out and, if you're feeling up to it, tell your friends. Sale ends July 22nd!

Cirque du Frock on Etsy
I've got jewelry, clothes, vintage and handmade all up for grabs on my shop. Take a peek!

And, if you would like to keep in touch, check out below on how you can follow me elsewhere.